Dallas Morning News Education Blog: Legislators need to move Villalba’s bill to improve teacher evaluations

May 1, 2013

In the 2011 Legislature, GOP Sen. Florence Shapiro tried to pass legislation that would have helped new teachers develop their talents, including putting them with mentors and helping them create career plans. The proposal also would have established a framework for districts to use in evaluating teachers.

Unfortunately, she was unable to get the bill through both houses. So, this year Jason Villalba, a freshman Republican from Dallas, is pushing a version that focuses on evaluating teachers.

The bill, HB 2977, would create a framework for districts to use in evaluating teachers. The framework would include:

Standards for effective teaching;

Use of student data to help evaluate teachers; and

Using evaluations to guide career development plans for teachers.

The House Public Education Committee heard the legislation in mid-April, but left it pending. The measure needs to move so that districts have a set of expectations for evaluations.

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