Tell the Senate NO on Planned Parenthood Funding

August 3, 2015

Friends, Today we must stand together and put an end to one of the most barbaric practices in American History: baby harvesting.  Whether you are a conservative Republican like me or just a concerned citizen, it’s is time for us to act to completely DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD in the United States so that we can end the sale of baby parts for profit.

At 2:00 today, the United States Senate will vote to defund Planned Parenthood.  As of right now, that vote is uncertain.  We need you to call Senator Cruz and Senator Cornyn and let them know that you want to end the horrific atrocities committed every day by Planned Parenthood. Join me in this fight.

Call them now and make your voice heard:

Senator John Cornyn Washington Office: (202) 224-2934

Senator Ted Cruz Washington Office: (202) 224-5922