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“As a smart businessman with a history of working to better his community, Jason Villalba is the right choice for District 114. Jason will stand up for what is important to our familes – especially when it comes to improving schools, keeping taxes low, and promoting economic growth.”
– Senator John Cornyn

“Jason Villalba is a hard-working, forward-thinking leader who we can depend on to lead for today and for the next generation of Texans.”
– Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison

“Jason Villalba is the smart, results-minded conservative we need in Austin. We can trust Jason to work hard, and to always put the interest of taxpayers and families first. I encourage you to join me in supporting Jason Villalba as our next state representative.”
– Roger Staubach

“Jason will work well with our party’s leadership in Austin to find workable solution for the myriad of issues our great state faces with regard to transportation, education, energy, health care, the budget and many others. Please join me in enthusiastically supporting Jason Villalba for State Representative from District 114.”
– Hon. Maurine Dickey

“Jason is the pragmatic problem-solver we can trust to stand up for everyday Texans, and set our state on the course for a brighter future. Please join me in supporting Jason Villalba for Texas House.”
– Hon. Ann Margolin

“Too often these days, politics are focused on partisanship and not focused enough on what’s right for our taxpayers and families. That’s why we’re excited to support our friend Republican Jason Villalba in his campaign for the open District 114 seat in the Texas House. We can trust Jason to focus on what’s best for our community, and he has the experience and know-how to grow our economy, create jobs and improve our public schools — without raising taxes.”
– Hon. Ron and Nancy Natinsky

“We are proud and excited to endorse Jason Villalba for the Texas House of Representatives. Jason has proven to be a leader in the community and will be an excellent Representative for Dallas in the Texas House.”
– Hispanic Republicans of Texas

“The next legislative session will be filled with difficult decisions. That’s why we need lawmakers like Villalba who understand the critical role homeowners play in keeping our state prosperous, which is why we’ve pledged our full support.”
– Texas Association of Realtors

“Hospitals are major employers in the state, and workforce needs continue to grow as demand for services increases, especially among the elderly. Sound health care policies will be more important than ever, and Jason Villalba has indicated a willingness to work with Texas hospitals to address health care issues.”
– Texas Hospital Association – HOSPAC

“We’re pleased to announce our support of Jason Villalba for District 114. We are confident Jason will do the right thing for patients and the right thing for the medical community,” said Joe Todd, MD, chair of the TEXPAC Board of Directors.”
– Texas Medical Association – TEXPAC

Roger Staubach

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
U.S. Senate

Hon. Florence Shapiro
Texas State Senate

Hon. Maurine Dickey
Dallas County Commissioner

Hon. Ann Margolin
Dallas City Councilperson

Congressman Michael C. Burgess, MD
Representative of the Texas 26th Congressional District

Representative Greg Bonnen, MD
State Representative HD 24

Dr. Edwin Flores
Dallas ISD Trustee

Mike Moses
Former Superintendant of DISD

Dr. Craig Rosenfeld
Chairman, Republican Jewish Coalition

Hon. Cynthia Figueroa
Former Dallas County Clerk

Hon. Jennifer Staubach Gates
Dallas City Council Member – District 13

Representative John Zerwas, MD
State Representative HD 28

Texas Medical Association – TEXPAC

Hispanic Republicans of Texas

Texas Hospital Association – HOSPAC

Texas Association of Business

Texas Association of Realtors

MetroTex Association of Realtors

UNT College Republicans

Texas College Republicans

Associated Republicans of Texas

Independent Bankers Association of Texas

Independent Insurance Agents of Texas

Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP

Outdoor Advertising Association of Texas

Tenaska Employees Texas PAC

Texans for Lawsuit Reform

Texas Association for Interior Design

Texas Burglar and Fire Alarm Association

Texas Economic Development Council PAC

Texas Land Title Association PAC

Texas Retailers Association

TX Friends of Time Warner Cable PAC

Wholesale Beer Distributions of Texas PAC

Texas Civil Justice League PAC

Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)

HeartPlace PAC


Texas Independent Pharmacies Association

Associated Builders and Contractors of Texas

Associated General Contractors of America –
Texas Building Branch

Atmos Energy Corporation PAC

Centerpoint Energy INC

Dallas Builders Association-HOMEPAC

Dallas CPA Society

Energy PAC

Glazer’s of Texas

Gulf States Toyota Inc. State PAC

Marathon Petroleum Corporation Employee Action Committee

North Texas Home Builders Association

Raytheon PAC

Texans for Education Reform

Texas Apartment Association

Texas Association of Manufacturers

Texas Beverage Association

Texas Chemical Council

Texas Independent Automotive Association

Texas Our Texas PAC

Texas Wildlife Association


EYE-PAC Texas Ophthalmological Association

Texas Academy of Pediatric Dentistry PAC

Texas Dental Hygienists’ Association

Texas Society of Anesthesiologists PAC

U.S. Anesthesia Partners of Texas, P.A.

Bob Abel

Harriet Abel

James Abell

Mary Abell

Adam Abshire

Arcilia C. Acosta

Dr. Tea Acuff

Sylvia Acuff

Amanda Adamez

Deborah Adams

Heather Adams

Kendall Adams

Teresa Adams

Terry Adams

Dot Adler

Tory Agnich

Randy Aguilar

Erol Akdamar

Purvi Patel Albers

Frank Alexander

Julie Ann Alexander

Laurie Alexander

Tyler Alexander

Arthur Allen

Jerry Allen

Kimberly Allen

Alan Anderson

David Anderson

Richard C. Anderson

Terri Anderson

Lana Andrews

Candace Angelo

Matt Angelo

Gabriel Arizmael

Peggy Armand

Chris Armstrong

Kim Armstrong

Cary Arzola

Bob Ashley

Elsa Ashley

Allen Avery

Janet Avery

Mia Avila

Miguel Avila

Carole Badgett

Charles Badgett

Charles Baker

Chris Baldridge

John Barakos

Chandler Barber

Linda Bark, MD

Bailey Barksdale

Kendall Barr

Travis Barr

Colleen Barrett

Carolyn Bartlett

Chris Batzler

Lynda Bauer

Tony Bauer

Todd M. Baumann

Braden Beasley

Carol Beasley

Max Beasley

Ward Beaudry

Arthur Befort

Lee Belland

Raquel Bellmer

Betty Benavides

Christopher Benavides

Elizabeth Benavides

Lindsey Bernett

Mike Bernett

Gary Bernitz

Sara Bernitz

Jana Bertrand

Ari Besefki

David Beshear

Elizabeth Beshear

Randy Best

Robert Bielamowicz

Mickey Bird

Ashley Blakeslee

Travis Blakeslee

Netta Blanchard

Beth Blanton

Jerry Blanton

Ken Blatt

Isabelle Bloomberg

Jared Bocarth

Reggie Boles

Rep. Greg Bonnen, MD

Cindy Boone

Dave Boone

Michael M. Boone

Steve Borglund

Michelle Borjas

Alathea Borud

Mario Botros

Marlena Botros

Mirelle Botros

Alma Box

Nick Bradley

Ruth Ann Bradshaw

Sam Bradshaw

Mike Brady

Trina Brainard

Amy Briggs

James Bristo

Kathy Britton

Jim Brookman

Susie Broussard

Carson Brown

Edwin Brown

Jack Brown

Jennifer Brown

Karen Brown

Peyton Brown

W.P. Buckthal

Calvin Burns

Laura Burns

Sherman Burns

Rene Burrern

Thomas Burrows

David Burton

Karen Burton

Mireille J. Buster

Charles C. Butt

JD Byes

John Cabrera

Taylor Caldwell

Jo Ann Cameron

Byron Cameron

Byron Campbell

Drew Campbell

Meg Campbell

Christian Candal

Christine Candler

Ron Candler

Clifton Carlise

Vicki Carlise

John Carlo, MD

Kenneth Carlson

Bob Carmichael

Hon. John Carona

Helen Carona

Tony Casagrande

Jim Castellan

Linda Castellan

Daniel Casto

Tracy Casto

Rosie Cervantes

Bill Cerverha

Mary Ceverha

Sam Chantillis

Phillip Chaplin

Curtis Cappell

Irma Chavez

Adam Chernow

Linda Chiles

Chris Cho

Olivia Chriss

Timothy Churchill

Danny Clancy

Patti Clapp

Roger Clapp

Trey Clapton

Mark Clark

Jack Cleaveland

Carroll Clore

Jen Cluney

Brett Cofer

Ben Cohen

Jan Cohen

Ann Cole

Terry Collet

Leslie Collier

Ryan Collier

Tom Collier

Chris Collins

John Collins

Terry W. Conner

Loree Conrad

Wayne Conrad

Rodney Cooper

Darren Copeland

Shannon Copeland

Beth Corech

Amanda Cortez

Marlon Cortez

Steven J. Cotton

Greg Coutant

Gayle Covey

Robert Crabtree

Hon. Nathan Crain

Christina Crain

Kyle Crain

LouAnn Crawford

Bret Creel

Jill Creel

Virginia Crews

Candace Crofford

Jamie Crofford

Harlan Crow

Kathy Crow

Trammel S. Crow

Christian Cullum

Cindy Culp

Clinton Culp

Cynthia Culp

Jill Culp

R.W. Cunningham

Chuck Curtiss

Betty Damm

Jim Damm

Jeff Dano

Elizabeth Darcy

Beth Darr

John Darr

Michael Darrouzet

Delia Darwin

John Darwin

Robert Darwin

Joy Davis

Lauren Davis

Matthew Davis

Zach Davis

Drew Davis

John Deal

Darwin A. Deason

Katerina Deason

Douglas R. Deason

Holly Deason

Molly Deckert

Paul Decleva

David Dedrick

Pauline Dedrick

Doug Dickerson

Hon. Maurine Dickey

Michael DiMaio, MD

Jerald Duerksen

Andrew Duettra

Deorgia Duettra

Heather Duge

Troy Duke

Derek Dulaney

John Eagle

Jennifer Eagle

Ann Eberhardt

David Eberhardt

Janet Edsen

Martha Efird

Andy Ehmke

Karen Ehmke

Matthew Eichstadt

Alyssa Elkhay

Mary Elkhay

Thomas Elkhay

Jack Elliot

Kathryn Elliot

Elizabeth Ellis

Robert Ellis

Sonya Ellis

Michelle Erbergi

Ruben Esquivel

Rebecca Euwer, MD

Candy Evans

Walter Evans, MD

Denise Fain

Christine Fares

Cathy Farmer

David Farmer

Jerome S. Farrington

Ken Feagins

Leatha Feagins

Paul Featsler

Nancy Ferguson

Lawrence Fernandez

Cecile Fernandez

Corbin Fields

Omar Figueroa

Hon. Cyntha Figueroa

Alexandra Fincher

Tom Fleming

George Flood

Laurie Flood

Dr. Edwin Flores

Jessica Flores

Marcelo Flores

Rep. Angie Chen Button

Marcelo Flores

Mary Flores

Susan Flusche

Monica Flythe

Davis Ford

Barbara S. Foreman

Carrie Foster

Jay Foster

Walter Foxworth

Frederick Fraizer

Debbie Francis

James Francis

Congressman Michael C.

Burgess, MD

Aimee Franke

Trevor Franke

Erin Fray

Matt Fray

Tracey Frazier

Barbara Freem

Elazar Fried

Miriam Fried

Randall Fried

Diddy Fulbright

Deborah Fuller, MD

Ethan Furst

Pallavi Gaitonde

Richard Gamino

Amy Ganss

Steven Ganss

Chris Garcia

Jackie Garcia

Terry Garland

Mick Garr

Elizabeth Garrison

Greg Garrison

Luke Garwood

Hubert Garza

Joe B. Garza

Stacey Oliver

Andrew George

Gabe Gettens

Hunter Ghorzishi

Sidney Gicheru, MD

LoriAnn Gilbert

John Gill, MD

Sarah Gillis

John Gilmore, MD

Jeff Gindens

Elizabeth Gioraiani

Lydia Girgis

Maria Girgis

Jenna Glover

Amy Goins

Grant Gold

Taffy Goldsmith

Debbie Gonshorow

Kiera Goral

Everson Grall

Joann Grall

Max K. Graves, MD

Andrew Gray

David Gray

Dawn Gray

Emily Gray

Hannah Gray

David Greenblatt

Allison Griffin

Charles Hanna

Susan Hill & Mike Hill

Gary Griffith

Geoff Gross

Laurel Gross

Tsipora Gross

Jordan Grubbs

G. Michael Gruber

Amanda Guillot

Dru Guillot

Robert T. Gunby Jr., MD

Gaby Guzman

Sylvia Guzman

H. Hailey

Marilyn Hailey

Barbara Hales

Cheryl Hall

Shelley A. Hall, MD

Amy Caron Halstead

Donna Halstead

Fred Halstead

David Hamer

Monica Hamer

Bill Hammond

Deborah Hammond

Leland Hancock

Roslyn Hancock

Charles Hanna

George Hanna

Mary Jane Hanna

Mike Hanna

H.B. Hardin

Don Harding

Diana Hargrave

Russell Hargraves

Hon. Will Hartnett

Tammy Hartnett

Ned Harper

Ramona Harper

Sonia Harper

Darren Harrington

Dave Hartly

Brian Hasenbauer

Andrea Hauglie

Erik Hauglie

Courtney Haylock

Cheyann Haynes

Meredith Hays

Tony Hays

William R. Hays, III

Steven R. Hays, MD

John Hazelton

Mary Head

H.A. Tillmann Hein, MD

Michael Helfand

Sarah Helfand, MD

Becky Heller

Phil Heller

Terry Henderson

Roger Hendrickens

Rhonda Henning

Tim Henning

G.B. Henry

Grant Herlitz

Luis Hernandez

Matthew Hernandez

Vicki Hichman

Adam Hickey

Janelle Hickey

Karen Hickman

Carrie Hill

Ray Hill

Thomas Hill

William Hill

Eve Hinojosa

Richard Hisey

LuAnne Hobbs

Rankin Hobbs

Scott Holliday, DO

Chad Holt

Heather Holt

Jill Holtz

Steven Holtz

Meegan Honeyman

Clyde Hooker

M.L. Hooker

Chad Hoopingarner

Emily Hoopingarner

Terri Hornberger

Curtis Horton

Sandra Horton

Jacquelyn Howard

Stephen Howard

Michelle Hubbard

Glee Huebner

Ray Huebner

Teresa Huskey

Brad Borud

Gladys Innocenti

Carol Jackson

Chris Jackson

Deborah Janonski

Thomas Jennings, MD

Sally Byrd Jilek

Amy Johnson

Heath Johnson

Morgan Johnson

Ray Johnson

Shea Johnson

Stella Theo Johnson

Thomas K. Johnson, MD

Alice Jones

Charles Jones

Christian Jones

Elizabeth Jones

James Jones

Neal T. Buddy Jones

Van Jones

Zach Jones, MD

Adrian Juarez

Joy Kanany

Justino Kanany

Richard Kay

Margarite Kaynes

Ginger Keator

Todd Keator

Nancy Keene

Herb Kelleher

Erin Kelly

Sheila Kelly

Steve Kerchroff

Jeffery Khan

Nadia Khan-Roberts

Merielle Khella

Miriam Khella

Mohsen Khella

Nahed Khella

Roger Khetan, MD

Glyn King

C.G. King, MD

Summer Kisner

Jeff Kitner

Miriam Kitner

Rick Kleifgen

Lisa Kleinman

Mary Klucar

Bill Knobel

Bryan Knox

Representative Linda Koop

Chirs Kosel

Martha Kosel

Marion Kraft

Katherine Krause

Brian Kravitz

David Kravitz

Jonathan Kravitz

Michelle Kravitz

Jason Krieser

Lisa Krieser

Eric Krueger

K.F. Kuby

Yolanda Lackey

Ashton Lafferty

Tammy LaFleur

Marsha LaGuidice

Ellen Landrum

James Lary

Sarah Lary

Rep. Jodie Laubenberg

Rerylnn Lawson

Amy Leber

Geoff Leber

Ernie Lee

Amanda Lehde

Deanna Lemmer

Annette Leslie

Craig Leslie

Lewis Leslie

Jeff Lewis

Mark Limon

Julie Linn

Adriano Liriano

Carlos Liriano

Carmen Liriano

Laurie Liriano

Phil Lively

John Locus

Kim Locus

Sarah Locus

Barry Lohr

Cheryl Lohr

David Lonergan

Adan Longoria

Joseph Longoria

Matthew Longoria

Sylvia Longoria

Tom Lotter

Daniel Love

Kelli Love

Eric Lovell

Manny Luna

Michael Lunceford

Nancy Lunceford

Peggy Lundy

David Luster

Cinda Lynn

Jackie Lynn

Bryan Macaluso

Karen Macaluso

David MacDonald

Julie MacDonald

Clint Magee

Gary Mann

John Mardirosian

Hon. Ann Margolin

Mary Fay Marks

Chris Marshall

Christina Marshall

Bryan Martin

Jordan Martin

Nancy Martin

Peggy Martin

Reba Jo Martin

Richard Kelley Martin

Alfred Martinez

Andrew Martinez

John C. Martinez

Sarah Martinez

Hon. Anita N. Martinez

Tori Martinez

Karen Mason

Michael T. Mason, DDS

Laura Massinglly

Michael Mata

Roberto Mata

Renee Mathews

Richard Matthies

Thelma Matthies

Ian Mattinghy

Lisa Maurer

Joelle Mayer

Josh Mayer

Lindsay Mayer

Zach Mayer

Donald P. Maynard

Jana McAlister

Dan P. McCauley, DDS

Carla McClanahan

Mark McClanahan

Al McClendon

Jan McClendon

Madeline McClure

Cile McCormick

Peter McCormick

Josh McCoy

Bruce McDonald

Beth McFarlane

Brian McFarlane

Nan McGee

Robert McLaughlin

David McLean

Mandy McLean

Lynn Meadows

Richard Meadows

Sandra Mears

Joey Medellin

Gabriel Medina

Dick Meditz

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Jose Medrano

Adam Meierhofer

Makram Mekheil

Mena Mekheil

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Shereen Mekheil

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Lucuana Milano

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Amanda Milner

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Dave Moulder

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Jason Mullen

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Alison Murphy-Morales

John Murrey

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Theresa Myers

Steve Myers II

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Joe Nall

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Lora Odenbaugh

Rudy Oeftering

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Josh Ortiz

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Rich Oyler

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Joe Padian

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Marlon Padilla, MD

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Christy Paris

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Brooke Parker

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Susan Parker

Ingrid Parnell

James Parnell

Robyn Parrott

Dimple Patel

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Tiffany Perez

Ricky Perkins

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Ross Perot, Jr.

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Rebecca Pratt

Abigail Prendergast

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Dustin Pridmore

Melissa Pridmore

Hillary Prince

Joshua Prywes

David Puentes

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Hannah Pulaski

Sarah Pulaski

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Tony Ramirez

Jaime Ramon

Holly Ramsey

Matt Ramsey

Claire Rathbun

Matthew Rathbun

Cassie Ray

Les Read

Don Read, MD

Nancy Reagan

Charles Redwine

Mary Beth Reece

Trevor D. Rees-Jones

Jan Rees-Jones

Kyle Winker

Marty Rendleman

Ron Rendleman

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Joel Resendez

Linda Resendez

Pilar Resendez

David C. Rex

Leslie Reynoso

Chuck Ribelin

Charles Rice

Katie Riley

Matt Riley

Jose Rios

Daryl Robertson

Crispian Robinson

Martha Robinson

Cara Rochelle

Amanda Rockow

Aylin Rodan

Jack Rodely

Denise Rodriguez

Diana Rodriguez

Chuck Rogan

Terri Rogan

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison

Tyler Rojo

Craig Rosenfeld, MD

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Jennifer Ross

Robert B. Rowling

Lisa Rutherford

Brint Ryan

Joe Saad, MD

Mark Saenz

Ericka Salinas

Jason Sally

Harold Sample

Liz Sample

Greg Samuel

Niki Samuel

Dorothy Sanchez

Crystal Sand

Jerson Santos

Scott Scher

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Rose Schmalzried

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Ingram Schwahn

Cindi Scoggins

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John Scott, MD

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Les Secrest, MD

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John Sepehri

Meredith Sepehri

Audrey Sequenzia

Samuel Sequenzia

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Jennifer Sethi

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George Shafer

Shirley Shafer

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Leslie Sharp

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Joan Shellene

Kathy Shelli

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Kristen Shepelwich

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Jun Shukla

Ryan Silverstein

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A. Ray Sims

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Cindy Skeeter

Randy Skinner

Larry Slovak

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Heather Smith

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Jim Smith

Kenneth Smith

Matthew Smith

Jacs Smitham

Michael Smitty

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E.A. Sottey

Steve Spade

Jim Spell

Bill Sproull

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Thomas Stacy

Aryn Stappself

Melinda Starnes

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Koen Steglich

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David Steiner

Tracy Steiner

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Brandon Von Sternberg

Heather Stevens

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Laurie Stevenson

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Pam Stoneham

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Richard Stringer

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Sarah Tchoukaleff

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Mike Terry

Todd Thames

Maribeth Thamm

Melanie Thamm

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Harry Thomas

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Sonny Thomas

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Shelly Thompson

Ted Thompson

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Jillyn Tittle

Adan Tovar

Mary West Traylor

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Holden Tucker

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Bernita Tyler

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Einar Vagnes

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Jeff Varnell

Pam Varnell

Laurie Vasquez

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Emily Villanueva

Anyssa Villegas

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Bev Vuckovich

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Cullen Wall

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Norma Wallace

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Robert Walne

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Kirk Watson

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Glenda Weaver

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Scott Williams

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Scott Wilson

T. Michael Wilson

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John Wood

David Wright

Laura Wright

Randy Wright

Scott Wyiddie

Andrew Yacob

Rachil Yodh

Chris Young

Melanie Young

David Zaki

Lauren Zammerilla, MD

Rep. John Zerwas, MD

Mary Lou Zijderveld

Keith V. Zimmerman

Kim Zimmerman

Michel Zimmermann

Jennifer Zoltan

Maggie Murchison

Robert Murchison

Linda Rogers