Creating Jobs & Supporting Businesses

Jason understands that the singularly most important issue to all Texans is the economy. Without a thriving and robust economy, families will struggle to pay their bills, send their kids to college, save for their future, or even feed their children. That’s why Jason supports:

  • keeping taxes low for businesses and family owned proprietorships;
  • maintaining a fair and efficient civil justice system that keeps the trial lawyers at bay and reduces non-meritorious lawsuits against businesses;
  • creating incentives for businesses to relocate to or stay in Texas;
  • reducing burdensome regulation on our most productive industries; and
  • building and maintaining a world class transportation system to increase commerce within and outside of Texas.

Improving Schools for Our Future

As a product of the Texas public schools, Jason is a strong advocate supporting and improving the public education system through a variety of impactful initiatives that will create an educated workforce for our future including:

  • broadening and expanding the charter schools programs throughout the state;
  • providing for increased local control of Texas’ independent school districts;
  • expanding intra-district public-to-public school choice programs;
  • providing that compensation and promotion of teachers and administrators be determined by objective measurable performance, rather than seniority; and
  • increasing funding for public education.

Reining in Government

Jason understands that one of the most challenging issues that he will face as a State Representative in the next legislative session is how to reduce and cut government spending. As a Reagan-styled conservative, he believes that reducing the size of government by reducing wasteful and unnecessary spending is the path to a stronger economy and a stronger Texas.

Jason also understands that he will be forced to make some difficult choices about which services to cut, which governmental agencies to sunset, which revenue streams to increase or decrease and whether or not to tap into the Rainy Day Fund.

As a trained financial analyst, Jason is uniquely qualified to address these issues with a specialized skill set and knowledge base. He will make these difficult choices in a way that is fair but reasonable, compassionate but effective. Above all, he will fight to do what’s right for Texas families each and every day.

Conservative Leadership We Can Trust

Jason believes that Texas is the greatest state in the Union. But in order to keep Texas great and strengthen it for our families, Jason understands that he will have to fight to do what is right, rather than what the special interests demand. He wants to go to Austin to address our state’s challenges with intelligence, insight, pragmatism and thoughtfulness and not muddle the issues in partisan politics to the detriment of our hardworking families. Jason is a proven conservative. He believes in the power of economic freedom, the importance of personal liberty, the strength of free enterprise, the wisdom of limited government, and the sanctity of life and the family.